A community of (chaplain) writers

Having a community of writers helps the process of writing. During the past five years, the chaplains I work with have written several books connected to providing care in hard times. 

Patrick Riecke, How to talk with sick, dying, and grieving people (2018)

Patrick Riecke, How to Find Meaning in Your Life Before it Ends (2019)

Kristen Riecke and Patrick Riecke, No Matter How Small: Understanding Miscarriage and Stillbirth (2020)

Will Curry, Thought Of The Day Thirty-day Devotional (2021). Thirty short devotionals with a thought, a scripture, and a prayer.

Will Curry, Trust God. (2022). More short devotionals with a thought loop we fall into, a scripture, and a prayer.

Brian Spahr, Don’t You Care That We Are Drowning? (And Other Unexpected Prayers)  (2022)

Diana Flory, Conversations With The Moon (2019). These short conversations with the moon while working overnight in the hospital may actually be prayers.

Diana Flory, 39 Poems: Before the Light, After the Dark (2020). In this collection of poetry, the writer shows us not only the darkness of depression but also the light that helps guide her through the dark times.

Jon Swanson, “God. We Need You.”: A Year of Prayer in a Hospital Chapel

Jon Swanson, God. We Still Need You.: A Year of Pandemic Prayer and Practice From a Hospital Chaplain (2021)

Jon Swanson, This Is Hard: What I Say When Loved Ones Die. (2021)

Jon Swanson, Giving a Life Meaning: How to Lead Funerals, Memorial Services, and Celebrations of Life (2020)

Jon Swanson, Giving the Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent (2021)

John DiMarzio (Chaplain Johnny D) The View from the Pew (2019). A year of devotionals from a pastor and hospital chaplain.

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