Dr. Jon Swanson, hospital chaplain, writer.

Many of us struggle to find the right words in difficult situations. Jon has been helping people in those moments for years. His experience is now available here.


As a writer, hospital chaplain, professor, and consultant, Dr. Jon Swanson has spent decades helping others find words, and offering his words and presence to people. He has a PhD in rhetoric (communication), a bunch of books, 15 years in higher education, 15 years as a pastor, and six years and counting as a hospital chaplain.

Now, he’s making what he’s learned and taught available more easily.

“Finding Words in Hard Times” – findingwordsinhardtimes.com is a place to learn what to say and how to say it when the people close to us are struggling.

Jon is part of a chaplaincy team that has learned how to write in and through really hard moments. Jon has written three volumes in the series “Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief, and Doubt.

Jon and Nancy have been married since 1983 and have two adult children, Andrew and Hope (Dan), one grandson, and a daughter, Kathryn, who lived five weeks.

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