Hey Boomer. We’re dying.

I wanted to write something to my generation. I was prepared to be sarcastic. “Hey Boomer! Tell your kids that you are going to die so they know what to do when it happens. Because we are dying.” I wanted to write it because I work in a hospital. I talk to families before and … Continue reading Hey Boomer. We’re dying.

How do I write an obituary?

An obituary is a published notice (announcement) of the death and life of a person. For famous people, they are written by the publication. For most of us, they are written by a family member and published by the funeral home. There used to be rules about obituaries, and by “rules” I mean generally accepted … Continue reading How do I write an obituary?

One way to find a funeral home

At our hospital, chaplains are the people with the responsibility and opportunity to ask families what funeral home they will be using for their loved one. It’s a difficult time, shortly after the death. And yet, it’s a helpful question because it gives the family something to do, a clear sense of the most immediate … Continue reading One way to find a funeral home