Hey Boomer. We’re dying.

I wanted to write something to my generation. I was prepared to be sarcastic. “Hey Boomer! Tell your kids that you are going to die so they know what to do when it happens. Because we are dying.” I wanted to write it because I work in a hospital. I talk to families before and … Continue reading Hey Boomer. We’re dying.

A book for when you need to lead a funeral or memorial service

Two years ago, I published Giving a Life Meaning: How to Lead Funerals, Memorial Services, and Celebrations of Life to help people lead funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life. Two weeks later, those gatherings were disrupted. It felt like really bad timing. I wondered whether I needed to rewrite it for online services or whether … Continue reading A book for when you need to lead a funeral or memorial service

How to write a eulogy.

Eulogy means “good words”. And this is the place in a service for people to talk about the life and meaning of the person who has died. Sometimes one family member represents everyone, reading the stories that other family members have given them. In one case, the person had four children and several grandchildren. One … Continue reading How to write a eulogy.

How do I write an obituary?

An obituary is a published notice (announcement) of the death and life of a person. For famous people, they are written by the publication. For most of us, they are written by a family member and published by the funeral home. There used to be rules about obituaries, and by “rules” I mean generally accepted … Continue reading How do I write an obituary?