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The “Finding Words” newsletter is published at least once a month. My goal is to give you links to resources I’m discovering that help us find words in hard times. I’ll also include a longer resource each month.

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Previous issues:

Issue 1, January 2022

Issue 2, February 2022

Issue 3, February 26, 2022: Saturday morning words after a noisy, scary week.

Issue 4, March 13, 2022: BookNotes, Murals, and Tweets. Finding words in many places.

Issue 5, April 10, 2022: Finding words from tummy time, bestsellers, grieving together, and writing as a spiritual discipline

Issue 6, May 25, 2022: Finding words in the middle of May

Issue 7, June 18, 2022: This is hard

Issue 8, June 30, 2022 Thinking about the end of the pandemic. And other words.