Resources to help you help others in grief.

I’m working to be helpful in a variety of places. The other Friday night, I offered the following as a series of tweets. +++ It’s possible that someone you know lost a loved one this week. It’s possible that you aren’t sure what to say. As a hospital chaplain, I’ve thought about this a little … Continue reading Resources to help you help others in grief.

The Lord’s Prayer

In the Church, the most familiar prayer may be words that we know as “The Lord’s Prayer.” There are some differences in the English-language versions, most notably saying trespasses or debts and including or excluding the last section. Whatever those difference, the words have their roots in a request a disciple made to Jesus. “Lord, … Continue reading The Lord’s Prayer

Ancient prayers: the psalms

The psalms help us when we cannot find words to capture feelings of loss or abandonment or frustration or betrayal or delight or joy or faith. Or when we are afraid to talk about those feelings to God for fear God will be mad at us. Written across centuries, spoken around campfires and in a … Continue reading Ancient prayers: the psalms

Sending a note in time of grief.

It’s often helpful to send a friend or acquaintance a card to recognize their grief. You can buy an expensive sympathy card, but sometimes you can send a simple note acknowledging that you know of their loss. You don’t have to fill the whole space, just like you wouldn’t fill the room with noise. This … Continue reading Sending a note in time of grief.